MA Course – Copenhagen University
Spring 2015


The urban has recently gained renewed attention as a conceptual, practical and phenomenological condition for digital art. Emerging in the cross section of fine art, new media, technology, architecture and urban culture, urban digital art is currently expanding the artistic field, while its role and purpose in the urban domain is a subject of vast experimentation. In this course we will conceptually and in practice question and challenge dominant exhibition schemes in the domain of urban digital art, in order to challenge our understandings of what role and meaning digital art has, and could have, in the urban context. This is, in a response to the increasing density, acceleration and politicization of visual aesthetics in the media city.

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Workshop / SESI SP Digital Art Gallery
Organized with Rune Madsen
November 5-6, 2013


Digital art production has long been thriving around a tendency of affirmation of technology. With inexpensive, publicly available tools and media, contemporary artists have been able to create spectacular works and push the limits of aesthetic engagement with data, code and software. The workshop for the second SP_Urban Digital Festival 2013, DIGITAL CITIZEN – CRITICAL ARTIST seeks to confront this avowal and awake a critical response in artists themselves. It emphasizes the cultural dimension of software art and its application in urban space and interrogates the expectations that artists have toward technology, what it can do for their artistic practice. Through presentations, discussion and experiments, the workshop raises the overall question: How can digital artworks confront our urban experience and push the boundaries of our understanding of what it means to be citizens in a digital age?